GIMO is the leading on-demand pay start-up in Vietnam. We strive to better the financial lives of the Vietnamese financially underserved, first with on-demand pay.

Life's expenses, especially unexpected ones, don't always wait for payday, leaving many financially underserved workers susceptible to financial shocks, and even have to make do with predatory financial services. GIMO’s on-demand pay gives workers anytime-anywhere access to their accrued wages whenever they need via a mobile app hence staying away from loan sharks and debt traps.

Currently, nearly 500,000 workers from approximately 100 businesses are getting on-demand access to their earned wages with GIMO.

Ultimately, we work together to drive equity in accessing secured and affordable digital financial solutions for every working individual.


Q&A with Quan, CEO & Co-Founder of GIMO

What is GIMO's Vision?

Driving equity in accessing digital financial products and services

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Leadership is not about taking charge, it's about taking care of people in your charge

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